bildog stands for Bildung ohne Grenzen e.V. – education without borders

We are a non-profit organization based in Hamburg, Germany

In the Heart of It…
Our motto: Teach fishing instead of giving fish.
Our guiding principle: Giving gives back.
Our motivation: We are one. Sharing sorrow, sharing happiness.
The way: We can do it together.
Our target groups: Not people in need but equals.
Education makes it possible for us to think for ourselves and to earn a living. It should, therefore, be free of borders. This idea brings us together, drives us and inspires us at bildog!
Bildog works for successful and especially equal education in socially disadvantaged population groups. We got started in Hamburg, but are now active beyond our region, throughout Germany and internationally – without borders! Education is an expensive commodity – bildog, on the other hand, is free for participants, which makes what we offer even more valuable!