Access to education is hard to get for many people in our society, which also limits their chances for successful economic participation. Our education projects are therefore focused on goals that will enable children and teenagers as well as adults to be able to earn a living.

Making access possible
Access to education can be difficult due to social or financial barriers. At bildog, our emphasis is on providing access to education for young people in a very personal way: by piquing curiosity, fostering interests and creating excitement about learning.
We want to prepare young people in particular for life as a responsible and active part of our society by fostering self-determined, independent and interest-driven action.
We want to empower young people to lead fulfilled lives, to discover where their interests lie and to follow these. At bildog we place great value on the ideas and wishes of the children and adolescents in our projects because we want to foster their opinions, participation and creativity.

Our guiding principle has already caught the attention of a number of renowned supporters: Exciting cooperations have taken place with Samy Deluxe, Tim Mälzer and Fatih Akin, to name a few. bildog is happy to get help from anyone who offers it, celebrity or not: The guiding principle and the good ideas are what makes our organization special!