Our highly successful Knowledge Club project offers schools and youth centers a broad range of courses tailored to their needs.

It is important to us that all participants are involved from the beginning and especially that the interests of the children and teens are in the foreground.
Our guiding aim is to give children the freedom they need to plan out their ideas for courses on their own and together with others. This allows them to experience their self-efficacy and are bolstered in their self-perception and self-confidence. We believe that perceptive and social skills develop most effectively with this approach, and that it opens up new contacts and opportunities for dialogue between the participants of our Knowledge Club as well as with the educators and the parents. It is, however, particularly important to bildog that the children’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge be fostered, which in turn also increases resilience. In a number of open space idea workshops, the children, the educators and parents who are interested are all involved in shaping the recreation offer.
In this context, the “open space” concept for large groups has proven to be highly suited. The openness in terms of content makes it possible for a heterogeneous group to take part in planning the course offering. We adapt the open space concept to the target group every time and also use the foundations of the future workshop method. In it, a moderator provides assistance as ideas are developed together and thoughts on how these ideas can be implemented are discussed or planned.
The conceptualization of each course offering or each course (“Knowledge Club courses”) is based on the documented ideas that the participants have developed in the open space event. The offerings are planned with enough flexibility that adjustments can be made at any time or developed in later open space meetings.
The courses are led by young, dedicated role models, primarily university students who want to support the children in turning their ideas into reality. Our course instructors receive support in the intercultural aspect and with methods. Intercultural and educational training workshops and weekend seminars are held regularly.

The Knowledge Club has received numerous awards.
The Knowledge Club Hamburg received the Barclays Club Award in 2007 and 2008. In 2012, the Knowledge Club Berlin was awarded the accolade “Active for Democracy and Tolerance 2011” and received the “Primus Preis” award a year later from the Stiftung für Bildung und Gesellschaft, a foundation for education and society.