bildog has been working together with the education department of MINT (the school for mathematics, computer science, science and technology) at the University of Hamburg and the Schule am Schleemerpark school in Hamburg-Billstedt on a project to encourage broad interests.

At the school, weekly activities are provided by mentors for third-grade students in order to foster interest in the sciences. These courses are based on the interests and ideas of the students, which were collected during an open space event. The aim is to give students an understanding of the sciences and to study to what extent the offer affects the interests and scholastic choices of the students. To do so, the project includes observations and interviews with the students.

Also in this project, the interests and curiosity of the students are in the forefront and are integrated into day-to-day activities in the school through an interesting combination of science and an informal educational offering.

There are plans to expand this project to other schools in the future.