Like with all of our projects, our project work on bildogMagazine is also aimed at fostering the creativity and wealth of ideas of young people. The magazine is entirely characterized by the topics and ideas that speak to its young editors. The result is an interesting magazine and, above all, a great experience for everyone involved.

The magazine offers children and teens – with and without an immigrant background – a platform for them to express themselves. The teens should get the feeling that this project is for them. The magazine will deal primarily with teens and will serve as their mouthpiece. People with an immigrant background are still under-represented in jobs in the media. By involving the teens directly in the project, we want to foster interest in a career in the media, to allow them to gather practical experience and to show them new perspectives. They should see that they have the ability to “make their own media” and thus influence what gets reported on.

Reading the magazine serves to encourage people to stand up for education (be it their own or others’). We also want to raise awareness among the general public for issues that bildog deals with (unequal access to education, for example for people from socially disadvantaged families or with an immigrant background) and to show different ways these issues can be dealt with. Last but not least, the magazine also serves to give bildog and other organizations, associations or projects with a similar focus an opportunity to showcase and reflect on their work.