“All you can drink”, stabbings in subways and refusing to integrate – what can you expect from teens growing up in a society that is increasingly threatening to fall apart?

The students were tasked with creating self-portraits with a camera, using backgrounds and objects where needed to highlight their personality. ‘Who am I?’ and ‘How do I want other to see me?’ are the core questions of this project. The concept also has the aim that the varied cultural backgrounds and influences of the participants will be addressed through the self-representation and later when the results are reflected on together. Another aspect that likely isn’t only an issue for young people arose during the course of working together: How much do I want to share about myself? The high-schoolers were accompanied along the way by the photographer Jessica Mintelowsky, who showed them how to work a camera, and by the art teacher Kim Welling, who provided additional theoretical input. The project was coordinated by Christina Heine (bildog).

The result was a number of beautiful and thought-provoking images that provide a glimpse at what moves today’s young minds. The results are sure to take some people by surprise. Those who expect to see photos of future holy warriors, rowdy small-time criminals and dolled-up party hoppers will likely be surprised and may even reconsider their views of today’s youth after seeing these photographs.