Black Youth Day was created in collaboration with Schorsch in Hamburg’s St. Georg neighborhood to give teens with an African heritage a chance to talk to others, be creative and share what is on their minds. A number of exciting ideas have already come from this project, including a theater group that addresses issues that move teens.

“We are one” was the slogan for Black Youth Day on July 5, 2014 in the Schorsch. The first larger cooperative project hosted by bildog and the Schorsch had a lofty goal: To understand what really moves teens with African roots. An honest discussion seems the logical way to come up with something to offer teens that would appeal to them, offer them support and inspire them. In order to strike a balance between structured planning and a concept that is flexible in its content, stations were used with various over-arching topics: family, education, free time and “hot & spicy”. These topics, combined with the “world café” method, provide a basic structure to give participants as much freedom as possible to bring in their own ideas and thoughts… And that’s how it was.
The original scheduled time from 11 AM–3 PM flew by quickly as discussions grew more and more animated. A mixture of respect, humor and creativity characterized the Black Youth Day in the Schorsch. The teens spoke of problems as well as successes in school, at home and during their free time. Worries and needs were also expressed. The drive to do something and the openness of the event had the effect that the first project was created that day already. This project strives to turn the teens’ concerns into something positive through a creative outlet.
A theater group will address a variety of issues that the teens came up with, discuss and turn into short skits. The aim of the first Black Youth Day in Hamburg was to get an understanding of what really moves the participants. Schorsch and bildog merely had to provide the space to do so: An open event characterized by respect and creativity. The teens did the rest on their own thanks to their openness and a dose of humor. It was already clear that day that there would be more Black Youth Days. After all, “We are one” was not just the slogan, it embodies the spirit of the entire event.