In this project we use musical education to give kids and teens creative access to music and to develop forms of expression through music in bands.

The goal of the project: The band workshop gives teens a chance to get to know music and musical instruments. The teens will learn over the course of the project to play together as a band. This builds their concentration as well as communication between band members.

How the workshop is structured: The focus of the workshop should be on creative musical work. The participants should find musical ways of expressing themselves on their own while playing. This is done by initially putting the emphasis on jam sessions. These allow the teens to get to know the instruments. To make this easier, some of the basics for select instruments are taught by me and my band.

During the sessions, melodies and rhythms are developed that the teens then learn. The teens learn to play the instruments in a creative way. This is why they don’t just learn to play songs but work on their own ideas. Lyrics can also be created in this way. The content of the workshop should be oriented along the creative ideas of the teens.