Following a project by the Turkish community association Türkische Gemeinde Hamburg und Umgebung e.V. to integrate Turkish women successfully, at bildog we have decided to start our “Rainbow” project. The project is aimed at women of African heritage who live in Germany and could not access integration measures from state organizations due to conservative family structures.

Often these are womenwho have come to Germany to be with their husband. They are confronted with being in a huge city in a completely foreign culture where the customs and norms of their home country no longer seem to apply. This uprooted feeling can lead to a loss of sense of security and possibly also fear.

Therefore it seems plausible that these women look for a foothold where their accustomed set of values still holds true and where they can speak their native languages. This is generally the case in the family structures. The aim of the project is now to help precisely these women overcome the obstacles to participating actively in society.

Language courses with 200 hours of instruction will be offered. The structure and process of the courses will be tailored to the target group. The instructors will be bilingual where possible. The purpose of these courses is to prepare a group of people who are largely from a facet of society that has not had much education for language learning. The women who complete this course should be in the position to be able to participate in the integration courses offered by the state and to complete these.
Language learning is certainly the focus of the seminars, but it is accompanied by other helpful offers that will convey, among other things, the core values of German society. These offers should provide the foundation for living an active life in Germany even if the women do not go on to take part in other integration courses.

The courses should be oriented directly around the spheres of life of the women in order to counteract opposition within the family. Wherever possible, the courses should be held in nearby schools.