The goal4goal Center in Nkwabeng in Ghana provides help, support and a fun round of soccer.

After ten years of dedication in Germany, we want to pursue our long-standing goal of doing something to change the living conditions of kids and teens in Africa. This motivation springs not only from a personal desire because a number of us have African heritage, but because we are moved by the lack of perspectives and opportunities of the people in the villages there. Now we want to do something about it at last!

We want to start our work at the root of the issues by strengthening the structures in the villages as well as opportunities to get an education and perspectives. The kids and teens in the village of Nkwabeng will not only be offered educational and support programs in our goal4goal center, they’ll also have a great place for recreational activities. At goal4goal it’s not just about opening up perspectives step for step – or goal for goal – but also about having fun together, playing soccer and feeling good. This grassroots project is being run in collaboration with ArchiAfrika, whose local knowledge, wealth of experience and way of working form a valuable symbiosis with the innovative ideas and creativity of bildog. We’ve developed a three-pillar model for improving the local structures sustainably:

Education We start our work early in order to create longterm perspectives.
Professional education We work with the teens to find the right path for them and what they need to achieve their goals.
Entrepreneurship To ensure sustainability, we want to motivate the teens to participate in expanding their career perspectives.

Participation and the involvement of the locals, valuable experiences and a sustainable concept should strengthen the local structures not just temporarily but in the long term as well. After the pilot phase in Ghana, the concept will also be continued in other regions of Africa.

That’s why the motto is: bildog goes to Africa– come with us!