#winning is used often on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites, but where do teens really feel they are winning and life and where maybe not?

The idea behind My Life and Me, a cooperation between the Schorsch in St. Georg and bildog, is to offer teens an opportunity to speak openly with others about their wishes, experiences and concerns. We believe that truly open dialogue is incredibly valuable on its own and should show teens that their voices are being heard and that they are not alone in a lot of things. We are also convinced that it provides the right setting for being inspired, for supporting and motivating one another.
The workshops of My Life and Me build on one another: First we provide a few issues that we have deemed fitting, especially from our experience from the conceptual predecessor project, the “Black Youth Day.” Topics such as family, school and also the future play a big role here. These topics are discussed in small groups that are continually switched to allow for discussion on lots of topics with different faces. As always, we want to allow the participants to get involved and let them decide at the end of one workshop on the topic of the next event.
My Life and Me is designed to motivate teens to speak with one another, to speak openly about positive matters as well as negative ones and to be open to the perspectives of others. This also gives us a chance to better understand what they are going through and how we can best help them.